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Our Mission

The definition of Business Value, we believe, is unique to each organization and is closely related to the core purpose of its existence. It is also true that there is no single measure of Business Value, even considering different stakeholders associated with the same organization – employees, customers, suppliers, partners, regulators, and the community at large. What is somewhat common, though, are the tangible and intangible resources that contribute to creation and delivery of business value. Therefore, an organization’s ability to orchestrate the resources to create its own unique mix of value for its stakeholders, singularly determines its success.

Key to achieving this success is “how” the organization orchestrates the resources that are made available – articulated and executed in the form of strategy, policies, procedures, processes, organizational design, consumption of technology, and management of business results.

Key to the organization’s continued success is its ability to recalibrate and reinvent itself to meet the changing expectations and demands of its stakeholders – resulting from stakeholders’ perception of the organization’s value creation as well as changes occurring in other facets of their lives (associated with political, social, economic, technological, legal or environmental factors).

Intueor Consulting, Inc. is a strategy, management and business technology consulting firm whose mission is to help public and private sector organizations create and maximize Business Value – by assisting organizations

  • STRATEGIZE – develop and implement actionable strategies to succeed, expand and grow their businesses in the present as well as for the future
  • OPTIMIZE – review and assess business operations with an intent to improve operational performance, develop and implement (remedial or proactive) transformational programs that enable them to outperform their mission
  • INNOVATE – manage technology investments so as to utilize technology as a catalyst in implementing growth strategies as well as transformational programs

Our work is simply value based. We offer unparalleled depth of industry knowledge backed by years of proven experience, formal methods, and seasoned consultants who are committed to changing status quo.