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Vijay Pandey is a technology leader with responsibility for designing Intueor’s technology products, solutions and services to in a way that maximizes business value for Intueor clients. He is responsible for the development of solutions and services in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Technical Architecture, Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Security and Cloud Computing.

Vijay has extensive hands-on experience in the architecture, design and development of very large-scale applications that support programs administered by US Public Sector Agencies such as Unemployment Insurance. He has designed and implemented solutions on a wide range of IT projects ranging in value from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-million-dollar statewide solutions.

At Intueor, Vijay developed an innovative decision-making framework to assist CIOs and Enterprise Leaders assess the business value of their IT Portfolio and take strategic action to enhance its value. He has also developed a comprehensive assessment framework that helps program managers assess the maturity of their business processes and practices in the context of industry standards for Project Management (PMBOK) and Asset Management (ISO 55000, PAS 55).

More recently, Vijay developed the Exodus Framework© that Intueor utilizes to help clients automatically convert web-based applications from legacy to contemporary technologies. The Web Layer Exodus Framework and ORM Layer Exodus Framework have helped clients convert large and complex cloud-based multi-tenant applications, easily and efficiently with almost no errors.

Prior to joining Intueor, Vijay worked with a large global consulting services company, as the Chief Architect of complex technology solutions for government and public-sector agencies. In that role, he was recognized as the Top Technical Architect in a global competition for IT Architects. He holds numerous certifications in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Software Development, Database Management and Project Management.

Vijay received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the prestigious National Institute of Technology (NIT).

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