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Enterprise Functions

Common corporate functions of any enterprise involve the efficient management of organizational resources and entities such as finances, employees, suppliers, customers, partners, and other assets such as equipment, materials, parts, supplies and property. While it is safe to say that technology-intensive systems and processes (Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP) have come to represent the most cost-efficient way of managing Administrative and Enterprise Functions, these functions are still viewed as ‘back-office support functions’ which Chief Executives and Business Leaders turn immediately to, when cost containment, cost avoidance or efficiencies improvement become top priorities for an enterprise.

Intueor helps transform your business when you need to streamline enterprise functions such as procurement, finance, HR, asset management or project management, or corporate performance management. We offer in-depth knowledge of these business functions across industries, while leveraging  extended partnerships and a knowledge of trends in the technology industry. Intueor’s offerings in this area focus on:

  • Business Value Alignment
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory
  • Information Systems for Enterprise Functions (ERP)

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