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Technology Consulting

Consumption of technology in an enterprise is no longer limited to process automation and transaction processing. Today’s technology solutions support Strategy Development; Business Process Management; Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC); an Integrated Supply Chain; Constituent Management, and; Corporate Performance Management – while drastically revolutionizing functions that were traditionally supported (such as Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, etc.). Newer models of technology consumption such as Mobile Devices, Cloud Computing, SaaS, and Appliances have only made technology so much more an integral element of the enterprise.

Therefore, Technology Investment, Planning, Acquisition, Implementation and IT Performance are the focus of attention for Business Leaders and Executives because successful technology solutions directly contribute to accomplishment of business goals. At the same time, an IT Project that consumes more budget or takes longer than planned not only causes wasted investment but results in competitive disadvantage, loss of reputation and lost motivation in staff.

Intueor helps you effectively manage technology investments right from the identification of needs for technology and strategic planning through technology acquisition and implementation to steady state operations. Our Technology services include: