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Technology Consulting Services

Technology Implementation Oversight – We help you implement large and complex technology projects through a variety of services including:

  • Project Planning and Management – Our consultants assist you in managing large systems development projects from project initiation  through implementation, performing activities such as Project Plan Development (including project charter, scope, budget, schedule, and resource requirements); Detailed Work Plan Development; Project Plan Execution (including oversight of project deliverables, timelines and schedules, critical path management, and contingency management); Risk Identification, Analysis and Mitigation; Project Status Reporting, Meetings and Executive Briefings; Management of Issue and Problem Resolution; Verifying adherence of solution to established requirements; Resource planning, management and effective utilization; Cost and Budget Management; Delivery Assurance; Vendor Contract Management; Organizational Change Management; Systems Acceptance Planning and Execution; Transition to Operations.
  • Quality Assurance / Independent Verification and Validation – We assist you with independent assessment of large and complex technology projects to ensure successful completion and implementation of such projects as per schedule, within budget, and with desired quality. Typical tasks include Review of Project Strategies and Plans related to Requirements, Design, Testing, Implementation, Training and Transition; Review of functional and technical standards, guidelines and templates; Facilitation and Review of methodologies, tools and techniques utilized on the project; Review of Project/Contract Deliverables such as Requirements and Design Documentation; Facilitating compliance of deliverables to agreed upon standards and guidelines; Review and Testing of project’s process, procedures, practices, products, work items and artifacts to identify non-conformance, Development of corrective and preventive action, verifying the implementation of corrective and preventive actions; ongoing Project Status Reports and Meetings
  • Technical and Functional Support – We help you during the implementation of large technology projects by offering experienced consultants that possess the functional, technical and management expertise necessary for successful implementation. In addition to deep industry knowledge in the areas of Capital Programs, Asset Management, Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance, Enterprise Functions and Administrative Systems, the Subject Matter Experts (SME) offer advice in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, IT Project Management, IT Service Management, Change Management and Systems Integration.