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Strategy Consulting Services

Strategy Formulation and Development – We bring together expertise from within and outside our firm; knowledge and experiences of peers in your industry; seasoned consultants with industry shaping experience to help you formulate and develop actionable strategies. Most importantly, we offer valuable insights related to the imperatives for transformation, i.e., organizational alignment and readiness, staff motivation, ownership and commitment, governance, tools and technologies, achievement of tangible and measurable results.

Strategic Planning – In any enterprise, complete alignment of organizational structure, processes, people and infrastructure with its business strategy is important for translating intent to action. Therefore, plans to execute on strategic intent also involve planning for all of those aspects. We help you develop comprehensive plans to guide the execution of your strategy to accomplish desired outcomes, carefully considering the complexities of transforming each aspect of its business, treated individually, and, as a part of the whole.

Organizational Design and Structure – Whether your enterprise delivers value to your stakeholders in the form of products, services, or information, the key to success often is a result of an effective organization. Careful analysis, planning, and design are needed if you want to create an organizational strategy that’s capable of consistently achieving your goals and objectives. We help your enterprise by developing a highly effective Organizational Design and Structure, focusing on:

  • Governance – establishing organizational structures that will accelerate the rate of decision-making and improve the quality of decisions, within your enterprise
  • Roles and Responsibilities – defining responsibilities to intelligently balance resources necessary for both running the business as well as changing the business
  • Organizational Structure – designing and streamlining spans of control; reporting and management structures, and; consolidation or segregation of business functions, to ensure they are suitable for decision-making processes and targeted measures of success