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Technology Consulting Services

Technology Acquisition – We offer deep industry and technology expertise to help you evaluate and select the ‘best value’ technology products and services to execute your technology plans. While our consultants have in-depth experience with specific technology products and platforms, Intueor does not have an affiliation, alliance or partnership with any of the technology product manufacturers, rendering our advice truly independent and unbiased. Our Consultants help you with:

  • RFx Development – We document detailed business process, functional and non-functional requirements for your planned technology systems; well-defined Statement of Work; Submission Instructions, Evaluation Criteria, Legal Terms and Conditions, and other Administrative Requirements in the form of a comprehensive RFx that can be issued to the vendor community to seek competitive proposals. In addition, we assist you conduct a pre-proposal conference for the industry, facilitate questions and clarifications with potential bidders, manage vendor communications and manage the RFx process until receipt of bidder proposals.
  • Source Selection – We define and develop a Source Selection Strategy for you to evaluate and select the most suitable technology product and vendor, by helping you establish a Source Selection Team; define and document an objective and detailed evaluation criteria; develop a scoring mechanism that allows you to assess the overall value offered through each proposal; guide the Source Selection Team through the proposal evaluation process; facilitate an equitable comparison of bidder responses; and support the Source Selection Team in the shortlisting or down-selection of suitable proposals. Often, an important step of proposal evaluations is an Oral Presentation/Technical Interview with the shortlisted bidders – we help your Source Selection Team with the development of Interview Questions and Software Demonstration Scripts, that allow them to verify and validate bidder responses received in the written proposals.
  • Contract Negotiations – Intueor supports your Source Selection Team identify and recommend the most suitable bidder and proposal; present the recommendations to the Executive Sponsors within the enterprise; and invite the selected bidder to negotiate a contract in accordance with procedures and practices established in the RFx. Our consultants co-lead the contract negotiations effort, working closely with your Contracts Department Staff and Legal Counsel, up until the execution of a formal contract.