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Technology Consulting Services

Technology Planning – We help you discover opportunities within your enterprise, to adopt and utilize modern technology, in support of your core business functions – whether it involves evaluating the adequacy of legacy technology systems that already exist or planning for new technology investments. Our consultants help you with:

  • Business Case Preparation & ROI Analysis – Through structured interview sessions with key stakeholders of your organization, surveys, peer agency research, and feasibility studies, our consultants analyze and help you prepare a business case for your technology investment. Typical activities include needs and benefits analysis; financial business case/cost benefit analysis using factors such as cost of technology acquisition and operation, anticipated benefits (monetary or otherwise), time to operations, and ongoing costs until technology implementation; validation with executives and staff; and a technology roadmap.
  • Needs Assessment and Requirements Definition – An important step in technology planning is Business Process Analysis, aimed at reviewing current business processes, identifying challenges and issues therein, and outlining the potential improvements that could be incorporated. Using formal methods and the background of Business Processes analyzed, we gather user needs; define and develop functional and non-functional requirements; recommend and incorporate technology-enabled better business practices. As part of this exercise, we also conduct an assessment of legacy IT systems, if any, to assess their fitment with respect to the desired business requirements, and recommend a retire-retain decision for those systems.
  • Organizational Change Readiness – The successful implementation of new technology systems in an enterprise depends as much on the acceptance and continued usage of the systems by its employees as it does on the quality of the software designed. Often, new systems introduce changes in the work environment and day-to-day job routines of employees, which if not managed well, are significant enough to cause loss of employee productivity and motivation, increased stress and anxiety at the workplace. We address Organizational Change, right from the planning stages of technology implementation in the form of Organizational Change Readiness Assessment, setup of Change Management Teams, Communications Management, Training Needs Analysis, Documentation of changes to desk procedures, Planning for and implementing Change Management initiatives customized to the specific needs of the organization.