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Operations Consulting Services

Operational Effectiveness Assessments – We review and evaluate the alignment of the organizational and operational elements that make up your enterprise, to the overall business imperatives of your enterprise. Are your operations helping you execute on your business strategy? Are they taking advantage of today’s operational levers? We focus on fundamental business issues — delivering stakeholder value, managing risk, increasing revenues and controlling costs — which all enterprises, in all industries, should address in order to prosper.

Business Operations Improvement – We help enterprises develop the ingredients essential for effective and innovative operational improvements for breakout results in delivery of business value to stakeholders. Our consultants:

  • Facilitate Holistic Thinking – we help you understand and appreciate how different business functions in your enterprise come together to create and deliver value to your stakeholders. We then help you identify opportunities to realize your business operations goals, and create new sources of operational excellence.
  • Conduct Industry Research – we help you identify innovations you can adopt or tailor, to drive operational efficiencies while focusing on the necessary ingredients for service excellence, cost excellence, or customer relationship excellence. In the public sector, we focus our efforts on comparative studies and peer agency benchmarks to derive a leadership position for your enterprise.
  • Process and Systems Modernization – we help you through the journey of transformation from concept to steady state operations. By virtue of our experience, we help you plan, manage and execute transformation initiatives; anticipate and manage risks and challenges; project manage the transformation effort; advice you on utilization of in-house or contracted resources critical to successful transformation; orchestrate the requirements, activities, resources, and outcomes of all stakeholders to ensure successful execution of the transformation programs.
  • Manage Organizational Change – transformation of any nature introduces a change in the organization which may or may not be readily embraced by individuals, groups, divisions or departments within an enterprise – due to real or perceived threat or difficulty resulting from the change. Our consultants help you discover potential impediments to change, and work with you to establish a level of organizational readiness, which is essential for successful business transformation.