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Asset Management and Operations

After enormous capital investment in infrastructure, the need to sustain such infrastructure poses a huge challenge for enterprises – more so in the case of Government Agencies that invested in civic and public infrastructure such as the Public Transportation, Transit, Interstate Highway System, local water treatment facilities, electric transmission and utility lines. Shrinking budgets, deferral of much needed maintenance, and continual pressures to reduce public spending only make it more difficult.

As governments and enterprises recognize the pressing need to efficiently manage assets through programs such as State of Good Repair, and MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century), Chief Executives are keen to embrace practices advocated by these programs or other asset management standards such as PAS 55 (Publicly Available Specifications) and ISO. In that context, enterprises are looking to consultants with the requisite knowledge and expertise with not just these proven models themselves, but the capability to realize the associated benefits of better asset utilization, risk mitigation, cost reduction and improved capital planning.

Intueor helps clients maximize their asset productivity through an improvement in Asset Management processes and practices as well as through initiatives to improve the physical condition and performance of critical assets. Intueor’s offerings in this area focus on:

  • Asset Management Maturity Assessment
  • Asset Management Improvement Programs
  • State of Good Repair
  • Information Systems for Enterprise Asset Management

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